Playing IMVU

What can you do with Imvu Credits?

For the newbies that don't know what are credits used for this is the best article. There is nothing to be shy for if you haven't played this game before, we were newbies too but after some the hours we spend in this game we ain't same as we were, i can definitely say that we in top 20 of best players there and that isn't small achievement considering amount of players in this game is few millions. If you have read at least one paragraph about imvu then you should already heard about credits and how much they cost. To get free imvu credits isn't that easy and never was but lately with the new generator that have come up I can say that changed a lot. With the above mentioned generator you will be able to generate up to 10,000 credits in one try, isn't that awesome? Can i use the generator more than once a day? This question it's one of the most asked one since you will fall in love with our tool as it's all you need related to imvu, back to the question, yes you can use it more than once but we suggest you that using it once a day it's the safest way to get credits and won't get you involved in problems with games servers. I think that 10,000 credits per day it's better than none or getting your account banned, so if u keep using this tool let's say for a week that is equal to 7 days you will be at 70,000 credits and that's really high amount that not much players in game own. Not forgetting that this tool is able to produce VIP membership for your account which it's the best feature in game after credits. Another way of earning credits beside our generator is if you have generous friends who will gift you credits or by using Content Creator to create items for Catalog Shop and for each sold item that you create you will get a percentage of credits which can be used to withdraw as real money, this is a way to earn real money while you enjoy playing a game, not all games have a feature like that to earn you real money while you play.